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You might have heard about Simon and Martina (click here in case you don’t), a Canadian couple now living in Korea. They documented every exciting thing they get to experience in the country. Having appreciated the message of couple shirts, they excitedly filmed themselves in their Korean couple shirts. While the red thread from Simon’s couple shirt obviously did not connect with Martina’s shirt because of the disparity in their height, it could not negate the fact that they look awesome with their couple shirts on. This couple shirts video only shows that how cute couple shirts are. I just can’t agree more when he said, “Can’t you see us in love with each other with a matching shirt? “Look at him talking to me, says Martina, “I am sending him a love message”, he added. Satisfy your excitement by watching the full clip below:

You see? Couple shirts are really fashionable. Lounging into couple shirts and finding comfort from them is only a part of the story and just one side of the coin. What lurks on the other side is the idea that giving them is one of the most affordable ways of expressing how you feel. Indeed shirts are so versatile in that they have become the single piece of clothing that can be worn in different occasions. And for printing artists like me, a t-shirt is like a blank canvas where we can unleash our passion and emotions. It becomes a medium where we better express ourselves and showcase the very art that want to rise above our heads.

The video really gives you an idea of what couple shirts look like and the message that can resoundingly come from their grand totality. If you want something that would really apply to yourself, you can opt for couple shirts designs which tell how your love story evolved. You can make them convey not just a fashion and style statement but you can very well make them stand for what and who you really are as a person and have them say any words that are left unsaid.

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